Vahe Bedrosian Art 

About me & i, the Puppet Master

My name is Vahe Bedrosian
I was born in Bucharest, Romania 
& I am a Los Angeles based artist and architect. 

I started painting again in 2006 
(that was on account of
beautiful woman......, she was a fashion student).

I like good stories Good stories make you aware
So I won't bore you with the usual stuff, instead I'll say a few words about "i", the Puppet Master:
"i" is a brush mark. "i" is also an up side down exclamation mark when things go Boom !  so "i" is a Space-Time element.
The way the story goes is that  "i" was born from the inner thigh of a dancer's leg, and that not long thereafter, "i" put up a puppet show with a Clown and a Ballerina.
That's how "i" became a Puppet Master.
A friend of mine asked me "what does this mean ?".
As we started discussing that and this,

I thought about Copernicus and how he changed the center of our solar system  from the Earth to the
I did not say anything at the time, but I knew then that I was on to
something. This was in 2011. I did Half & Half's Voyage in 2012.

































"i", the Puppet Master

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